Chit chat

Chapter nine focuses on interpersonal communication and human relationships. Showing the ways in which we develop relationships with people from personal exchanges. It’s important to create supportive communication where we can either better or worse our connections. Friendships, relationships, family bonds, the chapter reveals the stages we go through and what is needed to maintain these vital connections. 

The cartoon I chose reminds me of those moments in school when casual conversations unexpectedly turned into friendships. Just like those kids, I remember bonding with classmates over shared frustrations about school or whatever was currently going on. Especially about tough assignments, dislike of some teachers, news, games, anything. These interactions weren’t about being negative or complaining about something, they were about finding common ground and understanding each other on a personal level. Even now as I get older I find myself in similar situations, a few random words to a stranger can blossom into a new relationship. It’s these small moments that make our interactions and serves as a reminder that we are all similar. The cartoon captures this greatly, highlighting how interpersonal communication can close gaps socially and build relationships through shared experiences.

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